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– Mr DENIES Thierry – Mrs FRENAY Coralie - Mrs PINCHART Emilie - Mr TIBERGHIEN Arnaud - 



- Mr DENIES Thierry -

His academic course began in 1995 when he decided to spend a year in Australia after high school to get a better grip of the English language.

He started studying management engineering in 1996 but decided this did not suit him and switched disciplines in the second year.

He graduated from the Paul Lambin Institute in 2001 with a degree in dietetics.

He worked for 12 months as a medical representative so as to become acquainted with the medical environment and the needs of the general practitioners he encountered.

 From 2002 to 2006, he agreed to work for a consultancy company as a project manager for a major food retailer in Belgium.


Consequently, he was involved in drawing up quality assurance contracts for private label products. He was therefore responsible for overseeing the development and validation of quality controls and encoding procedures.

Involved in managing the traceability of the food chain, he was required to attend coordination meetings with the retail industry.

He also supervised programmes for assessing dietetics and bioengineering students during their apprenticeship. Later on, for another food group, he helped draw up reports about nutritional claims for the marketing teams.

Since 2006, he works for CERDECAM, the Leonardo da Vinci College's Research Centre, where he is involved in dietetics research. Among other activities, he focuses on updating fibre composition tables and reviewing the scientific litterature for food consumption questionnaires.

He also works in communication and marketing on a freelance basis. He coordinates the dietetic component of Council of Europe-sponsored retirement preparation workshops. He takes an active part in drawing up nutritional sales statements, preparing recipes and writing basic texts for food advertising brochures.

His clinical dietetics consultations enable him to keep in touch with patients.

He is INAMI-accredited for the "diabetes convention".

Facilitated by Ms SirJacobs, he joined Medimarien in 2008 so as to make his experience available to the MEDIMARIEN overall dietetics project.

As a dietetics researcher, he keeps a close eye on scientific reviews of food consumption surveys and food questionnaires so that MEDIMARIEN can maintain leadership in the field of dietetics


Thierry Denies' specialities include:

•a balanced diet

•prevention and treatment of obesity, diabetes, excess blood cholesterol, hypertension

•assessing and implementing vegetarian nutrition

•preparation and follow-up of nutritional  requirements during  pregnancy

•preparation and follow-up of nutritional  requirements during   menopause

•problems affecting the digestive system and bowel habits

As you may appreciate, their activities closely complement each other and operate as part of the same dynamic and adaptative process



- Mrs FRENAY Coralie -

She is graduated as Bachelor in Dietetics with honors at the Institut Paul Lambin in 2012. Ms. Frenay was interested in her work end of studies to childhood obesity.

She works in a hospital where she takes care and teaches patients who follow a particular diet texture or content for medical reason. She is active against undernutrition in the geriatric population and monitoring of bariatric surgery.

The understanding of eating disorders is also one of her passions.
In order to be better equiped to help patients, she made a complementary training in coaching technique and mental management tools.

Within the Medimarien team, she specifically develops the link between diet and the patients's psychological evolution who wishing to start an effective weight loss on long term.

The will to weight loss sometimes is the gateway to a wider psy work.

Like his colleagues dieticians, Ms. Sirjacobs and Mr. Denies she attends meetings with the team of psychologists that frame the psychological aspect of nutrition consultations.



A few interesting sites :

www.updlf.be (Association of French-speaking Dieticians)

www.liguecardiologique.be (Belgian Cardiological League)

www.diabete-abd.be (Belgian Diabetes Association)

www.cicbaa.org (Food Allergy Investigation Organisation)

www.coeliakie.be/sbc/ (Belgian Celiac Association)